packaging solutions

Thanks to our sachet or cup packaging solutions, Inariz provides an easy-to-use product without compromising on quality.

Recipes that are ready to eat in 2 minutes and contain no preservatives, presented with quality visuals. That’s the Inariz solution for a quick market launch!



Ready in just
a few minutes

to use


Inariz your Brand ®

your made-to-measure product range

At Inariz, we believe that standing out is the key to success! That’s why we work so hard to develop unique pr ducts that cater to your brand image and values.

  • We comply with your specifications
  • We provide consulting and optimise your constraints
  • We incorporate your image
  • Storage at room temperature

We can even help you fully design your product brand, from naming to developing the visual identity of your product and packaging graphic design.

Our goal is to create a recipe and product that suits you

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