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Our certifications

INARIZ has received IFS and BRC certifications, and can also supply to its customers products certified according to AB, NOP or KASHER.

IFS (International Food Standard)

The aim of IFS is to define a common base of requirements in sanitary safety for the manufacturers of store brand products and to realize recognized standardized audits.

The International Food Standard was defined  in 2002 by the German distributors gathered within the HDE (Hauptverband des Deutschen Einzeilhandels) and the BDH (Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Handelverbände). In 2003, the French distributors joined this initiative through the FCD (Federation of Trade and Distribution) and contributed to the evolution of this framework under the version 4 that was applied by the end of year 2003.

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PRIVATE LABEL : definition
A Private Label brand is a brand distributed only by one specific distributor who placed an order for it. Products carrying  the brand of a distributor are often supplied by companies that are generally IFS certified (source: CERTIPAQ).

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

Defined by the British Retail Consortium, the BRC framework / standard (world standard BRC-Aliments) is – like IFS – dedicated to the suppliers of food products with store brand, but concerns in particular the manufacturers supplying products to the Anglo-Saxon distributors. The production site of Inariz is certified IFS and BRC since 2007.

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AB (issued from Biological Agriculture)

Organic farming (AB) is one of the 5 official labels that help to identify the quality the origins. It guarantees product quality combined with production methods that respect the environment and the well-being of animals.

It identifies the origin of agricultural products that are intended for human or animal food that respect, from producer to consumer, regulation and organic control, as applied in France, and requires a rigorous traceability.

NOP (National Organic Program)

The NOP requires that all products sold in the United States as "organic" are certified by a notified body or national certification program accredited by the USDA. The NOP defines the rules of production, processing and marketing of organic food manufactured or imported to the United States.


The word Kosher comes from the Hebrew language. Literally, it means " in accordance with the law". Thus, it is often used also for scientific and financial topics. The term Kosher corresponds to a product that has been checked by a legal representative, who allows its consumption.