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Food safety

Inariz is taking care of respecting controls at all production stages.

Céline ENGEL, Quality and R & D Manager is answering to our questions.

image laboratoire INARIZ France

What does your work consist of?

Céline Engel : « As far as quality is concerned, I am dealing with quality controls of raw materials, finished products, hygiene and traceability at the production plant. Several controls are set up at every stage of production, allowing us to assure the food safety of our products and to be in accordance with the requirements of our customers. I am also responsible for documentation on the site, that is to say the formalization of production instructions for all positions. »

On which elements does quality control concentrate?

Céline Engel : « According to a predefined schedule of analysis, the microbiological quality of raw materials is checked but also the rates of possible contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals which have to be in accordance with the regulations. We inform our suppliers about any detection of abnormalities. During the production we also realize visual controls, weight and sterilisation tests (including tables) as well as tests of stability on finished products. We can also underline that all our products are passed through a metal detector. »

You have also developed a charter of good production practices…

Céline Engel : « Yes, a charter of behaviour in production is presented and given to every new employee who arrives on the site. This charter reminds the good practices in hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting of workshops, risk prevention connected to foreign bodies and to allergens... Our site has an hygiene airlock fitted with washbasins for hands and shoe soles. All our staff wears white working clothes, that are cleaned every day. »

How do you check the traceability of products?

Céline Engel : « A batch number is assigned to every raw material and packaging entering our  site, and this number is recorded at every stage of production : at reception, during unpacking and during provision on one of our three packaging lines.
Then, during cooking, packaging and package shipping, it is the batch number of the packaged product which is noted. Every month at least an exercise of traceability is realized, from a batch of raw material or a batch of finished product, to check the proper functioning of the registration system and the relevance of information. »

Do you regularly realize audits?

Céline Engel : « Once a month an internal audit, said "audit of behaviour ", allows to verify that all  instructions of the charter of behaviour are well respected by all operators at production. Besides, twice a year, external audits are made by a notified body to check the compliance of the site with references such as IFS (INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) who count more than 200 requirements in connection with food safety. Our site is indeed certified IFS and BRC since February, 2007. »